John McPhailJohn brings to his coaching skills a long standing career in the UK and in the Far East, working as a lawyer and as a senior executive at Board level in both the private and public sectors. Much of his recent work has been running Board and Committee meetings for an international insurance company, advising and guiding non-executive Directors on their Board responsibilities and on regulatory requirements. In his earlier career as legal counsel to the Hong Kong Government, he was at the forefront of the discussions on the transition of Hong Kong to China. He was a Member of the Shipping Expert Committee under the Joint Liaison Group on the Future of Hong Kong. Also, with his background as a Royal Naval Reserve Officer for thirty years, he has been able to apply his leadership and man management skills in the private sector.

Executive coaching with individuals is conducted one-to-one on a confidential basis. John has a quiet and analytical coaching style which enables good rapport and confidence to be established. He listens and supports with the aim of developing creative ideas with the coachee to ensure positive outcomes.

With team coaching, usually maximum 12 people, John’s emphasis is on improving performance and achieving identified goals. The initial sessions one-to-one with each team member are designed to ensure that they are comfortable and open in the team environment. The team must function well to achieve the goals as well as providing a satisfying working environment. Key to developing the team skills is found in the leadership qualities of the team leader. John provides guidance on leadership in a simple and practical way.

John has been teaching and mentoring throughout his career. He has taught at the IMO International Maritime Law Institute (Malta) annually for 15 years, and he also has looked after numerous courses of the World Maritime University as well as other maritime law training establishments. John trained as an Executive Coach at Henley Business School (University of Reading). He is a Member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

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