The Coaching Process

There are many types of coaching and many people can benefit from the experience.
John is primarily engaged in coaching Senior Executives and Managers and also small Teams (usually maximum 6). He works with individuals in total confidence and with members of Teams in a more open environment.

Executive coaching can assist

  • focusing on career development
  • analysing potential change in the person’s position and in the work environment
  • increasing motivation and interest
  • increasing leadership and management skills


  • identifying goals for the Team
  • working to achieve results to make the difference
  • building trust and effective working relationships

The Process
Initial meeting
It is important at the beginning of any relationship (individual or Team) that there is

  • understanding of the coaching process
  • agreement on the coaching contract
  • confirming that the coach is the right person for the job

Coaching sessions
Individuals are usually coached for two or three sessions of 1 to 1.5 hours with several weeks in between. Further sessions can be arranged, if required.

Team coaching is usually for at least three full days over a six month period. The coach works with the Team members together and also with individual Team members.

After each session, there is a review of progress. At the end of the coaching sessions, there is a full review and assessment.

Contact John for further details and explanation of the process.

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