“My relatively small team of five in this international shipping company is working a long way from head office in a different time zone. With three different nationalities and at least four languages spoken in the office, we have our challenges.

In coaching our team, John has helped us to work closer and better together by identifying and dealing with key issues. It is our first experience of team coaching and the experience has been motivating and very useful.”

Manager of Team in Shipping Company

“I have been trying to find the time and motivation to carefully consider my future career and prepare myself for possible partnership. The two coaching sessions with John were so helpful. We identified the key areas and issues for me to work on a plan. It has made a huge difference. John’s quiet but firm style gave me confidence and energy to enable me to achieve the main goals.”

Senior Legal Director, Law firm

“I had no idea what to expect when I experienced coaching for the first time. My work/lifestyle balance required a review and the coaching sessions were just what was required. John and I analysed the various aspects of my work and life and then looked ahead for a more fulfilling existence for me. The opportunity of thinking through the options with a third party in a confidential way was really great. I feel so much more in control of my life.”

Trainee Solicitor, Law Firm

“I have had so many thoughts in my mind about how I might reposition myself and find new work challenges. During my coaching sessions, John helped me to focus on the main areas I might explore for future work. His style is refreshing and he has the ability to motivate and encourage which is so important. I have not found the perfect solution as yet, but I do find myself far more focussed on which path I should take.”

PA, International Consultancy Firm

“What an enthusiastic coach! John has a great ability to listen to the individual and he brings out the important elements in the path to achieving goals. As a graduate of psychology, I was able to appreciate the techniques he used to explore and identify the issues. His desire was always to attempt to produce real outcomes for the coachee.”

Manager of Catering Firm

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